Penis Piercing Guide

The Penis Piercing is funny enough exclusive to men – This piercing makes some men look cool and different compare to others. In the US it is illegal among men under the age of 18 to have this penis piercing. These days the source of this so called penis piercing is mysterious, but there are theories that having this penis piercing was for the security of the penis itself – One of the places it could come from was Borneo, where this genital piercing was is currently very common among native tribes.

When men are talking about Prince Albert, they are usually referring to a penis piercing. Among those several genital piercing this one is commonly available.
However before engaging with this piercing activity, consult a professional piercing artist if possible someone with a lot of ex piercing in this type of piercing, possibly someone that you have got recommended – This is not the type of piercing you want to go wrong!

The different kinds of Penis Piercing

We have gathered an overview of the different kinds of Penis Piercings out there below:

Ampallang Piercing – This kind of genital piercing enters horizontally through the Penis. This procedure begins through passing the urethra. This type is considered to be advance and can bring you extreme pain. The healing cycle of this is about 4 to 12 months.

Apadravya Piercing – Unlike with the previous type this one is done by passing vertically across the urethra.

Foreskin Piercing – This Piercing is naturally only available for uncircumcised men. It is done throughout the foreskin of the penis. This type of piercing is the equivalent to the clitoral piercing among women.

Hafda Piercing – it is located somewhere in the skin over the scrota. It does not go through the scrota itself instead it goest through the loose skin.

Dolphin Piercing – the jewelry used for this kind of piercing is the curve barbell. It got its name from the position of the jewelry placed on it.

Daydoe Piercing – this type of genital piercing passes across the edge glands located on the head of the penis. This one is considered as the most painful type of piercing.

Proper Care

You must be meticulous when it come to proper care of a Penis Piercing.
Take these tips to ensure you have a germ free and safe penis piercing ever.

  • Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before touching anything.
  • Use condom if you’re having sexual intercourse to protect the new piercing
  • Clean thoroughly using soap and be sure to rinse it with clean water.
  • Watch out for the infection sign that may occur on your new piercing.
  • If possible avoid unprotected sexual activity untill the Piercing is fully healed.


When dealing with this, you may acquire severe infections and dangerous transmitted disease. It is key to select a professional piercer for the best result.
Infections may also be prevented with proper care as above, however be aware if you see an of the below:

  • Severe bleeding – only small amount of bleeding may occur in the normal piercing. The cause of this is that improper position of the jewelry.
  • Soreness – on the part may develop to a serious infection.
  • Rashes – due to the allergic reaction on the jewelry that is being used. If this occurs consult the piercer to immediate change the jewelry.
  • Infections – urinary tract infections sometimes occur. If you are experiencing difficulty in urinating and there is a small amount of blood appearing on your urine it surely sign of infection.

If these symptoms persist, don’t hesitate to visit your piercer for your safety.

After reading this, continue to do careful research before deciding going to the professional piercer to begin the process. If you are confident enough and want this experience  give it a go! – Just make sure you let the professional piercer do this extravagant kind of piercing.


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