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Ear piercings has been practiced all over the world since ancient times. There is considerable written and archaeological evidence of that practice. Usually women gets an ear pierced for fashion but nowadays many men also gets their ears pierced. In many cultures, ear piercings is done in infancy or childhood, and in others it is permitted alongside rites of passage or when a certain advancement towards or into adulthood happens. And you know what? Getting pierced can be both exciting and rewarding. However, in order to ensure that you won’t regret your decision to get a piercing, it is important to select one that is right for you and that won’t bring you problems down the track. With globalization, people have become aware of the many variations in ear piercing styles and practices and modern Western piercing fans now take influence and inspiration from within and outside their own cultures.

Ear Piercings Types – What are the different ear piercings out there?

No one really knows how the idea of decorating or piercing the ears first started, but different cultures all over the planet took up the practice – Ear piercing ranges from simple holes made to allow for thin wires that hold larger ear jewelry to enlarging the piercings and jewelry in imitation of traditional tribal practices of South Pacific and African cultures.

There are 7 types of ear piercings most commonly used.  The first one is “The Ear Lobe” – The ear lobe itself has fewer nerve endings than the rest of the ear and contains no cartilage. It does not mean that the procedure will be painless – it should be – or it is substantially less painful than other ear piercing types.

The second one is “the Industrial”; the Industrial, in some places also known as “the Barbell” is also a growing trend in ear piercing types and is made up of 2 holes in the upper ear. The first is close to the head near where the ear joins the head and the second is on the outer rim of the ear. There will then normally be a bar placed through the holes with two metal ball bearings on the outside of the ear to stop the bar slipping out. The angle of the jewelers is normally around 40 degrees but varies depending on the shape of the ear.

The third one is “The Helix”; the Helix ear piercing can be placed on a number of various positions, the more common one being the forward helix. It is a simple piercing through the cartilage touching your head and is usually displayed as a small ball bearing on the outside of your ear. Helix ear piercing type will often be jeweled with a small bar but with one of the 2 ball bearings being hidden from immediate view by a fold in the ear cartilage.

The fourth one is “The Rook” this type of ear piercing is named after a particular part of the ear. Depending on ear shape, there may or may not be a Rook in the ear in which to pierce or it may not be protruding enough to be securely pierced but it is very important that if considering this piercing, you go to someone with experience in it since a rook piercing is not in securely and is not only susceptible to tearing but can also stretch the skin of the ear.

The fifth one is “The Tragus”the Tragus ear piercing type is located at the opening of the ear within a fairly solid part of cartilage. It does allow for a secure and robust piercing and it is worth bearing in mind that it can affect the fit of headphones and ear plugs especially during the healing period.

The sixth one is “The Snug”; snug type is similar piercing to the helix. In fact, many people describe this as a form of helix because the positioning itself is actually adjacent to the forward helix but normally uses the same jewel.

The seventh and last one is “The Conch”; of all the ear piercing types, the conch is possibly the fastest growing trend of recent years. This piercing is administered inside the ear itself and can be used to provide in a variety of situations. The jewel itself adds a great deal of diversity to this piercing as it will easily allow you to use a small under stated gem to add ‘class’ all the way up to a large ball bearing or in many cases a decorated jewel such as a spike.

Ear piercing diagram

Below you can see the top 7 different types of ear piercings on the Ear piercing diagram.

Ear Piercing Diagram

Cute ear piercings

Many people are looking to find some cute ear piercings – It’s always recommended that you find at least a couple of earrings before you get the actual piercings, to ensure this is what you really want.

Cool ear piercings

If you are looking for cool ear piercings, just like the cute one’s, it’s recommended that you find the actual earrings that you want before you get the piercing itself – you dont want to get the piercing and not being able to find the right type of earrings for it.

There are many different types of Cool Ear Piercings.

Double ear piercing

Many people do either double or triple ear piercings at the same time, to cut down on the overall recovery period – However many choose to do one ear at the time, to ensure that they can still conferrable talk in the phone and listen to music with at least one ear during the recovery period.

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