101 Celebrity Piercings

We have gathered a list of 101 Celebrity Piercings below to really show how beautiful the piercing universe can make you.

  1. Scarlett Johansson  is a very famous actor that have often shown off with different kind of ear piercings and like most other celebrities, she makes the most of it with some amazing pieces of jewelry. 
    href=”http://www.d.umn.edu/~newbe031/scarletJ.jpg”>See Scarlet’s Ear Piercing here
  2. Rihanna – an award-winning superstar and also and undoubted Queen of R&B, never hesitate to have – and show off this alluring fashion in the recent years. Specially her nipple piercing have cought the attention of many photographers over the last couple of years. See Rihanna’s Nipple Piercing here
  3. Evan Rachel Wood is also a legendary actress in the movie industry who have a nose piercing, that really helps her stand out and look more beautiful and different then others.
  4. Kesha is known to an extravagant look in terms of her outfit. To maintain her uniqueness in terms of Rock attire Kesha inspired to have his nose piercing to look more elegant and to uphold her fashion sense. See Kesha’s Nose Piercing here
  5. American Idol Jordin Sparks has this very eye catching nose piercing. Like other celebrities she uses a unique jewelry to enhance the beauty using those diamond studs. See Jordin’s Nose Piercing here
  6. Young star Vanessa Hudgens is not ashamed in showing off her belly button piercing when having a good time with her friends during beach parties or other event – and the photographers love it. See Vanessa’s Belly Button Piercing here
  7. Miley Cyrus is one of those celebrities who are proud to show off her ear piercings. She love to highlight her piercings with such wonderful accessories and you frequently see her uploading pictures for her fans on the social media’s showing off her piercings.See Miley’s Cartilage Ear Piercing here
  8. Having this multiple piercing like nose, belly button and in her ears with Demi Lovato makes her feel stunning in everything she does. She enhances these piercing with gorgeous accessories’ to look elegant and sexy. See Demi’s Ear Piercing here
  9. Justin Bieber is not only focusing in his singing career. He is quite confused of where to put his piercing, but instead of confusing it he decided to have his both ears being pierced. Exploring such fashion makes him more confident in dealing with others. See Justin’s Ear Piercing here
  10. Well-known singer Lady Gaga proved that she has this lady part by piercing her labia after many people questioned if she was really a woman. Lady gaga reveal the true beauty of her piercing by accessorizing it with extravagant jewelry and also, lady Gaga once wear dresses which can reveal this piercing during a notable red carpet. See Lady Gaga’s Labia Piercing here
  11. A wild actor Pete Doherty definitely planned to have this penis piercing just to surprise her beautiful girlfriend. He wanted this to improve his sexy looks and body for his girlfriend.
  12. A famed singer Casie have this nipple piecing for a respectable cause. She wanted to impart her breast to be positive and to protect from life threatening breast cancer.
  13. At the very young age Willow Smith reveal his epic tongue piercing to the public upon uploading his pictures in social media sites. According to him, He will be looking cool about this piercing. See Willow’s Tongue Piercing here
  14. Zayn Malik matches his stunning ear piercing with the color of his hair. Malik looks more attractive when having this unique style. He enhances this piercing by wearing such wonderful jewelry. See Zayn’s Ear Piercing here
  15. Extravagant singer and performer Janet Jackson make her nipple, septum and labia pierced as add on to her rock style fashion. Like other celebrities, she uses specific jewelry to enhance the beauty of her piercing. See Janet’s Nipple Piercings here
  16. Like other famous celebrities this bilingual singer Christina Aguilera had often make this piercing as a habit , actually she has 12 piercing; she put some holes in her belly button, eyebrow, ears, lip, tongue, nipple, nose and in labia. For her, she will be look more attractive to have this stuff. See Christina’s Ear and Nipple Piercings here
  17. Sexy American model and recording artist Amber Rose never be at the bottom of this fashion style. She had her both nipple piercing to enhance her body for it will look sexy and eye catching to everyone. See Ambers Ear and Nipple Piercings here
  18. The amazing guitarist of the famous band Jane’s Addiction also had his nipple piercing. Having this piercing makes him feel like a true blood rock star of this generation.
  19. An energetic and wild performer Britney Spears is proud to have her belly button piercing. Wearing that sexy swimwear during summer is her way to show off her beautiful piercing matching with wonderful jewelry.
  20. This film director and model Drew Barrymore loves to show off her tongue piercing with a matching tongue ring to public. It makes her look pretty as ever.
  21. Being the cast of the movie “The girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Rooney Mara have to transform her physical appearance the way she act in the movie. She had her nipple piercing to look sexier when revealing her body.
  22. A Glam Metal band member Tommy Lee has his genital piercing to look different among others. He have this to prove that he is the one every girl should be craving for.
  23. Beautiful fashion designer Nichole Richie tend to have her nipple piercing to show to everyone that having this unique fashion makes you different and fabulous.
  24. The daughter of famous late singer Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown also engages in this modern style. She had her nose piercing that makes her look elegant and stunning. She boosts this by using such delightful jewelry she had.
  25. Not only the winner of the famous reality show American Juniors but also great singer Lucy Hale has her tragus piercing recently to have a great look and appealing face.
  26. Shenae Grimes like other personalities she boasts her tragus piercing to public. She enriches this piercing with such elegant jewelry that is very unique and that matches to its dress.
  27. An extra ordinary pop and R&B singer song-writer Frankie Sandford is not embarrassed in showing her belly button piercing. As a singer, it could be her asset to attract people not only for her songs but also for her sexy body.
  28. Pete Burns, like many other celebrities this man loves to put various style in his face including piercing studs. He loves to see that his face full of metal jewelry. It makes him different among other.
  29. Famous singer Chris Brown looks prettier and more fantastic for his ear piercing that is accessorize by stunning jewelry.
  30. Sexy women discover the real beauty through their own desire. Peaches Geld of  put some sexy nose ring on her nose piercing to look more stunning and eye catching.
  31. A simple television personality and a fashion designer Kourtney Kardashian loves to rock her belly button piercing with such alluring jewelry. With this, she looks sexier and pretty much.
  32. Jessie J is not only very meticulous the way she dresses. This extravagant lady loves to match her style with her nose piercing. This will contribute a lot in her stylistic personality.
  33. For Audrina Partridge to make her body more attractive and absolutely eye catching, she decided to have this navel piercing. Accessorizing it with fabulous jewelry makes her body rocks.
  34. Having sexy curbs in her body made Sam Faiers to come up with this belly button piercing. Revealing her sexy body always matters to her especially when wearing such sexy dress that exposes her waist.
  35. The energetic vocalist of the group Black Eyed Peas,  FErgie appreciate much her beauty when it has plenty of metal jewelry so, eyebrow piercing is her way to improve this desire.  She looks more likely to be a true blood rock star.
  36. Trvavis Barker is not only known for being the a fabulous drummer in the famous group Blnk-182 , To expand his artistic style personality, he is also addicted to put specific jewelry on his Lip and nose piercing to look more amazing.
  37. To look more erotic, well known actress Courtney Peldon has her navel piercing. To enhance her sexiness she often beautifies it by gorgeous bling that is suitable to its sexy body.
  38. Another great actress Hillary Duff, have her earlobe piercing. To discover another thing in her body makes her unique as ever. In that, she looks prettier than ever.
  39. Being one of the most glamorous models of this generation, Jennifer Ellison has her navel piercing to enhance her sexy body. Being exposed it in photo shoot makes her feel cool and extravagant. Like other personalities, she ornaments it using those eye catching bling to easily attract the people.
  40. Not only well known as one of the ultimate member of girl group “spice girls”, Victoria Beckham is very good as fashion designer. In this, to improve her physical outlook she has this earlobe piercing and also she had her lip pierced. The ultimate singer turn to glamorous singer- fashion designer that is very gorgeous as ever.
  41. Shaznay Lewis is known to be one of the members of the girl group “All Saint”.  As add on to its stylish and rock star beauty she decided to have this nose piercing. Having accessorized it with diamond studs make it more fine-looking and lovely.
  42. This gorgeous lady known as the “sex symbol” in the amazing movie American Pie, Shannon Elizabeth never hesitates to have her navel pierced. This symbolizes for the sexiness not only for the role her being played in movies but also improving herself in her personal life.
  43. Musician and also actor Shane Lynch have his ear and nose piercing. To defend the title of having such artistic body style he often renovate It by adding such rocker style studs and ring to look more unique and eye striking to everyone.
  44. To look more different, actress Zoe Bell have her lip piercing. Like other personalities, she uses a suitable jewelry that matches the way she dresses. In that, the appeal of this extravagant lady makes her more attractive and famous actress.
  45. Being an action star, Wesley has his ear piercing to enhance the role of being the one that is strong enough to catch those suspects in that scene. He looks more handsome and substantial when he accessorizes it with studs that are exceptional.
  46. Allysa Millano looks exquisite and pleasing with her stunning nose jewelry being put in her Nose piercing. Her real beauty reveals through the help of this fashion.  Having this stuff makes her boast it to somebody who doesn’t have yet.
  47. Having sexy curbs in her body pushes Myleene Klass to have this navel piercing. She love showing off her waist so, when having such good time she often wears dresses that exposes her sexy waist.
  48. Model-actress Lindsay Lohan also has her navel piercing as add on to its sexy waist.  She beautifies it using gorgeous bling that absolutely matches the suit she have especially those swim wear when having great time with her friends in the beach.
  49. To improve her childish personality. Mel B once had her eye brow piercing. She loves to see it when she’s absolutely smiling because it is like her eyes are smiling too the way her lips done.
  50. Famous film actor Salman Khan proud to have his ear piercing. He looks more handsome compare to other. Using that jewelry that is attractive makes his personality as magnificent one.
  51. Famous and gorgeous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie had her Ear piercing to look more attractive and awesome when having a great movie.
  52. A sexy member of a girl group “sugababes”, Mutya Buena had her lip piercing. Improving her unique personality makes her stand out among others.
  53. Reese Witherspoon’s ear piercing made her look stunning. And like other personality, she often uses jewelry that is suitable for this kind of piercing.
  54. Pixie Gedolf have her extraordinary nose piercing to look different among the models out there.
  55. Leighton Meester use different kinds of bling to add extra radiance to its navel piercing.
  56. One of the famous TV Personality, La Toya Jackson had her navel piercing to look more sexier and cool.
  57. Having an ear piercing, actress Anne Hathaway looks more impressive and blooming as ever when it appears to her various movies. The jewelry being used matches to the style she had ad it looks very unique.
  58. Ana DE La Reguera’s ear piercing made her appearance more stunning. Using such beautiful jewelries made the piercing more fabulous.
  59. Kelly Osbourne a singer songwriter had also this nose and lip piercing. Different look makes her beautiful and blooming.
  60. Kelly Clarkson an energetic pop singer wants to add her extra quality as a singer so, he had her nose piercing, navel and also in ears.  Accessorizing it with jewelries made it more radiant and attractive.
  61. Ever young actress Julie Andrews same with other personality made her ear piercing more attractive by using costume jewelry which brings the real beauty not only in piercing but also in the face.
  62. Lil Boosie as a true blood rapper made his ear piercing unique as ever by using such ornaments that are suitable the way he looks and the way he style.
  63. Justin Timberlake’s ear piercing made him look more handsome and striking when performing on stage. That stunning ear jewelry that he uses made it stand out among other.
  64. As a clothes designer having this nose and ear piercing made Lenny Kravits inspired and made those stunning clothes that matches on one’s piercing.  He often uses jewelries that are eye striking that could easily attract the attention of people.
  65. Having a beautiful face made Lazzy Caplan to ear piercing to look sexier and gorgeous as ever. Accessorizing it with beautiful bling enhances the beauty of her piercing and absolutely contributes a big difference in her.
  66. Having that distinctive voice makes Lauren Bacall famous.  Accessorizing her ear piercing with various ornaments make her beauty more stunning as ever.
  67. Lasith Malinga as great bowler, having this eyebrow piercing made him look substantial compare to other bowling personality. Using jewelry that suits on his attire makes it more eye striking.
  68. A sexy model Lara Dutta made navel piercing and ear as one of her many assets in her body. Accessorizing with such extravagant jewelry made it look more radiant and amazing.
  69. Kirsten Dunst as an actress the simplicity of her ear piercing defines her personality. Being different in her way make her stand out among other personality in the movie industry.
  70. Great performer Keri Hilson has her both navel and ear piercing as additional style on her body. Having this stuff makes her happy and more enjoyable when performing on stage.
  71. Benji  Madden lip piercing made his look more radiant and good looking. The jewelry that he often uses has a great contribution in making his style as unique one.
  72. Kelis Mixes have multiple piercing including his ear and nose. Accessorizing it with simple yet attractive jewelry made it more eye striking and radiant.
  73. Keira Knightley often adds some thrilling jewelry on her ear piercing that made her look attractive and gorgeous. Having this extra style for her makes a sound and positive outlook about dealing with her everyday life.
  74. Great singer and performer Katy Perry’s ear piercing made her aura contribute more impact to people when having an activity on stage. In addition, she often accessorizes it with rocker style jewelry to look different.
  75. Katie Holmes ear piercing reveals her true beauty by using an earring that is gorgeous enough and absolutely fits her personality. Looking her more stunning and beautiful made her as one of the celebrities out there that becomes famous.
  76. Katie Cassidiy ear piercing had often accessorized by ornaments that are very exclusive and rare. That’s why she looks more appealing compare to other who has this piercing.
  77. Kareena Kapoor ear piercing often accessorize by stunning ornament’s that contributes a good quality regarding with his looks and the way she dress.
  78. Like other personality Jordana Brewster uses a jewelry that is suitable for the ear piercing she has. Having this fashion makes her different and prettier compare to other.
  79. Late screen writer Jonathan Brandis made his ear piercing unique by using a stud and other jewelry that could give extra good looking not only on his face but also to his piercing.
  80. Famous actor Joe Jackson’s ear piercing made his look great and such a big way to on girls to crave him. It is such a big help in regards with the appeal on beautiful women out there.
  81. Elizabeth Banks ear piercing is often decorated by various jewelry which are absolutely eye catching and awesome. In that the beauty appeal of her absolutely increases.
  82. As a cool guy Joel Madden have his ear piercing to reveal the full handsomeness of him. Accessorizing with studs especially diamonds made it look extravagant.
  83. Febe Dobson as a recording artist, decided to have her eye brow piercing to look different and illustrious. Adding accessories’ that could enhance the beauty of her piercing made it possible to her. She had this different stuff that could help in enhancing her piercing.
  84. Having multiple piercing including his ears, nose and lip made Dennis Rodman spectacular. And accessorizing it with such extravagant ring and studs absolutely made it looks different.
  85. As a television personality, Heidi Montag made this navel and ear piercing to enhance her stunning look. In that, the result is totally terrible. She looks sexier as ever.
  86. A good looking American actor Mark Salling adds some asset including this ear piercing to enhance the aura and appeal of him as an actor. Like other celebrities, he often decorated it with diamond studs that are different and unique.
  87. Another famous and good actor, Colin Farrell has his ear piercing to totally enhance its physical quality not only as an actor but also as a person.
  88. Travi McCoy is known as a singer and same time a great rapper. These ear and nose piercing fully made him as a true and genuine rock star in this generation.  So, adding those accessories made the piercing look more radiant and perfect to him.
  89. Charlize Theron looks more sexy and fabulous on her ear piercing which is decorated by accessories that are suitable and absolutely unique compare to other tv personality.
  90. Aisleyne Horgan looks sexier with his navel piercing. Using beautiful bling that matches her sexy dress that reveals her sexy waist made her more eye catching and attention grabbing especially amongst the gentleman.
  91. Celine Dion’s ear piercing made her outlook more radiant and extravagant. Having an expensive and great jewelry could likely add an extra beauty in the piercing like she does.
  92. Cameron Diaz as an extravagant actress, accessorizing her ear piercing like with other celebrity made her look stunning and young as ever.
  93. Brittany Daniels’s earlobe piercing is such great. The piercing absolutely matches the personality beyond the person. And the jewelry use is more likely expensive in type and durable enough.
  94. Alessandra Ambrosio made her sexy curbs looks sexier and eye catching as ever by having this navel piercing and often decorated with ornaments that are so good in the eyes.
  95. Handsome man Billy Ray Cyrus has his ear pierced. The fact that he looks more attractive that many girls will be connected to him by his alluring appeal.
  96. Rakhi Sawant  have this ear and labret piercing to look more different compare to other personality. Being unique and different is her own style to become famous and attractive as well.
  97. Penelope Cruz ear piercing is perfectly design with bling that matches the way she dresses. Being simple made her true beauty reveals as perfectly compare to other.
  98. Ayesha Takia’s navel piercing absolutely matches her sexy attire when having such activity or hanging with friends. Those pretty jewelries she uses add an extra attraction to her sexy waist.
  99. Ne Yo have his ear pierced to make him look cool and high. Being a singer is absolutely one of the things which one must have those looks that are appealing.
  100. Those extravagant look of Sanjay Dutt makes his look greater by adding this rings on his ear piercing. His looks is absolutely like  a tiger look and cool.

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